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Best Brake Parts For A Honda Accord?

Changing your Brake Pads or Brake Rotors can save you a ton of money and give you some confidence that you deserve. Forget those budget brake parts at your big box stores, come choose from what other Honda Accord owners are actually installing on their vehicles. Not sure what the best brake rotors are for you? Look at the three options below and choose the one that best fits your driving style. There can be so many different brake pad options and honestly its very confusing when you have no clue what to buy so choose from below and make your life easier.

When you own a Honda Accord you might not be sure what brake parts to pick for your ride. Don't worry about doing that and let our sales history and customers do that for you. Our top picks for Brake Pads, Brake Rotors and Performance Brake Kits are all listed below and won’t break the bank.

Top Honda Accord Brake Kits

Choice #1 Choice #1 SHOP NOW Power Stop Ceramic Kits "Great brakes, good stopping power, no squeaks, can't complain!"
Choice #2 Choice #2 SHOP NOW EBC Brake Kits "Breaks and rotors work excellent! Didn't take me long to get them on. "
Choice #3 Choice #3 SHOP NOW Power Stop Z23 Kits "Main goal was to get brakes that make the car stop quietly. Mission accomplished!"

Top Honda Accord Brake Pads

Choice #1 Choice #1 SHOP NOW Posi Quiet Ceramic Pads "I have installed Posi Quiet brake pads for years and very satisfied with them."
Choice #2 Choice #2 SHOP NOW EBC Green Stuff Pads "Stops better than when stock even with larger rims"
Choice #3 Choice #3 SHOP NOW EBC Red Stuff Pads "Happy with the EBC brand. Definitely cut down on brake dust and performance is good"

Top Honda Accord Brake Rotors

Choice #1 Choice #1 SHOP NOW Power Stop Drilled & Slotted Rotors "I'm very happy with the quality and fitment of these brake pads and rotors"
Choice #2 Choice #2 SHOP NOW Centric Premium Rotors "Excellent fit and they seem to be as good or better than the last ones from the big box store"
Choice #3 Choice #3 SHOP NOW EBC Ultimax Slotted Rotors "Timely and fast shipping. Product was as advertised and better quality than local shops."