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CIPA Accessories & Parts

The story behind CIPA begins in France, circa 1926. Before CIPA opened for business, rearview mirror technology was woefully inadequate. Side-swipes and rear-end collisions were rampant as drivers fell victim to massive blind spots and having to swivel their heads completely around in the absence of good mirrors. With a bit of ingenuity, a lot of elbow grease, and a dash of gumption, CIPA moved rearview mirror technology out of the dark ages and into our modern times.

In 1985, CIPA hopped across the Atlantic and began their North American operations. After this expansion, CIPA began making inroads into Detroit, and their mirrors began coming standard on Chrysler and Ford vehicles. Of course, CIPA never forgot its European roots, continuing to dress BMWs, Mercedes, Renaults, Volkswagens and Volvos with high-quality glass.

In the wake of their successful transition into the Americas, CIPA turned its attention to a whole new market: maritime mirrors. CIPA wasn't designing glass for tuna schooners or dinghies; they plied their talents on tournament ski boats. What's more, the mirrors on Personal Water Crafts (PWC) are nearly all made by none other than CIPA.

Functional, stylish, durable-CIPA mirrors embody all 3 traits. Rather than resting on their laurels, CIPA continues to look to the future and create innovative new mirrors for vehicles of all shapes and sizes.
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