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Body Armor Accessories & Parts

Intrepid off-roaders know that they have to equip their Jeeps with the right gear before heading out into the unpaved wilds. No spare tire? No extra fuel? No winch? Well, you might end up getting stuck out in the middle of no man’s land with your 4x4 lodged upside a rocky abutment. Hope you know how to catch and prepare squirrel—you’ll probably be dinning on a few while you wait for AAA to come give you a tow. When you ride with Body Armor Jeep Bumpers on your rig, you’ll be prepared for even the hairiest trailheads.

Body Armor knows off-roading like the back of their weathered hand. Body Armor Bumpers can be found on some of the toughest rock-crawlers, dune-surfers, and trailblazers on both sides of the mighty Mississippi. Whether you’re gearing up to charge across the Ozarks or to worm your way through MOAB, Body Armor Front & Rear Jeep Bumpers are two companions you don’t want to leave home without.

Every Body Armor Bumper is custom-built from rugged steel, and their bumpers are designed to bolt right in place of your stock parts. No welding, cutting or drilling is needed to up armor with Body Armor. And, their built-in recovery features, like D-rings and hitch receivers, make Body Armor the choice for rescuing any downed 4x4.

Best of all, you’ll save big on Body Armor Jeep parts when you shop at AutoAnything. Our 1-year low price guarantee ensures that no one on the net or in catalogues can top our deals. And, we even ship for free.
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