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Hauler Racks Accessories & Parts

The year was 1985, and the radical minds at Hauler Racks decided to turn the truck rack industry on its head by introducing some of the first all aluminum contractor racks the world had ever seen. Why was this move so significant? Well, Hauler Racks knew that the old-school method of welding together steel tubing was fundamentally flawed. First, steel is incredibly susceptible to rust and corrosion. One scratch in a steel rack’s powder coating, and the whole thing would begin to rot like a block of cheese left too long in a refrigerator. Second, the excessive weight of steel can cause the rear of any rig to sag like a loaded diaper, as well as reduce your overall carrying capacity.

With the very apparent limitations of steel, Hauler Racks decided to reinvent the truck rack. Using highly rust-resistant anodized aluminum and a mixture of galvanized and stainless steel hardware, Hauler Racks truck racks deliver the load-bearing strength of steel without all the messy rust problems. What’s more, Hauler Racks has an extensive line of ladder racks, cap racks and van racks to work with almost any workhorse. And, you’ll find all your Hauler Racks gear for less right here at AutoAnything, where our 1-year lower price guarantee ensures the best price for a full 365 days after your purchase date.
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