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CARPOD Accessories & Parts

If you've ever pulled your hair out trying to squeeze every last piece of cargo into your ride and still came up short, you're not alone. CARPOD's been there, too. Luckily, CARPOD didn't just throw their hands up and shout at the heavens. No. They rolled up their sleeves, broke out their welders, and invented the ideal solution to the cramped-cockpit blues: the CARPOD Cargo Carrier.

Sure, sliced bread was dandy, and the wheel had its 15 minutes of fame. But, the CARPOD is arguably one of the smartest automotive accessory inventions to come along in ages. Unlike old-school hitch-mount cargo carriers, the CARPOD is not simply a big plate sticking out of your hitch receiver. Instead, it's a fully formed box with 4 sidewalls standing 22 glorious inches tall. These walls let you stack all kinds of gear into the CARPOD without having to lash everything down with ropes, bungee cords and nets. Rest assured—when you reach your destination, everything that you packed along for the trip will still be safely sitting in your CARPOD.

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