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Kurgo Accessories & Parts

Just north of Boston, sits the jewel of Essex County—Salisbury, Massachusetts—home of Kurgo Products. It’s here in this bucolic summer resort town that the design engineers of Kurgo gather their inspiration. And it’s that inspiration that produces Kurgo’s solutions for everyday living.

Started in 2003 under the tutelage of parent company Motivation Design, Kurgo focused on common problems. After all; the Kurgo engineers surmised, these are the very problems that folks face most often. Rather than reinventing the wheel, Kurgo provides everyday people with little victories for their daily lives.

The real passion of the Kurgo operation lies in their pet products. Creating safe-travel products for your best friends, the people at Kurgo are as passionate about pets as you are. And, when it comes to unique automotive gear, Kurgo can’t be beat.

AutoAnything is proud to offer a great lineup of Kurgo products. And, with our 1-year lower price guarantee, you won’t find your Kurgo products for less. Best yet, when you order Kurgo from AutoAnything, we ship your stuff for free, right to your doorstep.
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