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Hi-Lift Accessories & Parts

Indiana wants you, and lord you CAN go back there—to get your Hi-Lift Jack. Founded in Indiana over 100 years ago by Philip John Harrah, the Bloomfield Manufacturing Company is the proud parent of the Hi-Lift Jack Company. Established in 1895, Hi-Lift Jacks is one of the oldest companies in the Hoosier state. And four generations later, Hi-Lift Jacks is still under the hawk-eyed leadership of the Harrah family.

The original Hi-Lift Jack was invented by Harrah in 1905 and sold as the Automatic Combination Tool. Soon after, Hi-Lift Jacks were commonly known as the Handyman or Sheepherder's Jack. And after a few years, the name Hi-Lift Jacks was given—and it stuck. Today, Hi-Lift Jacks are a household name with off-roaders, rescue agencies and militaries around the world.

AutoAnything is proud to offer a complete lineup of Hi-Lift Jacks. As well, we have a wide variety of Hi-Lift Jacks Accessories and other Bloomfield products. And, when you order your Hi-Lift Jacks here, you enjoy our exclusive one-year lower price guarantee. Plus, AutoAnything ships your Hi-Lift Jacks and accessories right to your door step—and we cover the shipping cost.
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