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Phoenix Systems Accessories & Parts

Believe it or not, we have an old ‘89 Chevy pickup with a slipping clutch to thank for the existence of Phoenix Systems. Company founder, Jon Petty, knew there had to be a better way to bleed that clutch, so he built it—and Phoenix Systems was born. That was way back in 1994; today, Phoenix Systems’ brake and clutch bleeding systems are used by mechanics around the world.

Not only are certified mechanics and race teams using Phoenix Systems, the US military considers them standard issue. And thanks to the DIY models, even armchair mechanics are turning to Phoenix Systems to bleed their brakes. Instead of having your kid, spouse or unsavory neighbor pumping the pedal while you bleed, Phoenix Systems gives you the power to do it yourself.

Since 2001, Phoenix Systems has been rapidly expanding their product offerings as well. After the success of their brake bleeding kits, Phoenix developed the BrakeStrip. Now any mechanic armed with a Phoenix Systems BrakeStrip can check the quality of a vehicle's brake fluid simply and easily.

AutoAnything is proud to offer a huge lineup of Phoenix Systems products. From the shop-grade MAXPRO system to the DIY V-12 home unit, you get the lowest prices on Phoenix Systems right here. Plus, we ship your Phoenix products right to your doorstep, and we cover the shipping costs.
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