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ScanGauge Accessories & Parts

ScanGauge sprang to life back in 2001. When ScanGauge founder, Ron DeLong, noticed his new truck was getting poor mileage, he took it to the dealer. Using a professional diagnostic tool, the technician showed Ron how to track data for better mileage. Ron realized that the technician's monitor was out of the realm of most drivers, so he set to make a more accessible one—ScanGauge was born!

Leveraging his electrical engineer training and automotive background, Ron was well positioned to start ScanGauge. He quit his job at Motorola, moved to Mesa, AZ and started working fulltime at ScanGauge. Now, only a few years later, ScanGauge employs 5 people and keeps the ScanGauge II tool on the shelves of hot rod shops everywhere.

So, who uses ScanGauge? First, there are the ScanGauge motorheads who love the digital gauge display. Second, there are the ScanGauge road warriors who like to keep an eye on vital signs and to check and clear trouble codes before they become an expensive repair. And thirdly, there are the ScanGauge hyper-milers who obsess over MPGs and use the tool to get even better mileage. Which ScanGauge fan are you?

Here at AutoAnything, we're proud to offer the genuine Scan Gauge OBD II Scanner. Not only do we offer the ScanGauge at the lowest prices on or off the net, we ship your ScanGauge right to your doorstep for free!
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