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Gabriel Accessories & Parts

Age. It can either make a company crotchety and stuck in its ways or experienced enough to continue developing breakthroughs. At over 100 years old, Gabriel certainly has age, and it's continuing to revolutionize the shock industry. Of course, it makes sense that Gabriel shocks are still the vanguards of shock technology—they invented the first shock absorbing device back in 1907! If it weren't for the Gabriel Snubber, there's no telling how rocky and rough our cars would ride today. Let's just say that there'd be a lot more burned laps from jostled coffees if Gabriel shocks never saw the light of day.

Not ones to squat on their laurels, Gabriel is on a constant quest to find the next best shock design. From Gabriel struts to Gabriel air shocks, every dampening device they build is packed to the seals with cutting-edge technology, from the chrome-plated piston rods to the StableSteer Valving. Plus, Gabriel makes direct replacement shocks for practically every car on the road, so you can swap out the failing stock shocks on everything from Audis to Volkswagens.

No matter what kind of car, truck or SUV you drive, you're sure to get the best deal available on Gabriel shocks and struts when you order right here at AutoAnything. Not only do you get free shipping with your shocks, but you also get our 1-year lower price guarantee. Finding a better deal is like trying to find a better brand of shocks than Gabriel—it can't be done.
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