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ODYSSEY Accessories & Parts

Not all car batteries are created equal. There are decent batteries, and there are good batteries—then, there are ODYSSEY batteries. When you're rolling with an ODYSSEY under the hood, you know your motor will fire up when you crank the key. If it doesn't, don't blame the battery!

So, what makes an ODYSSEY battery an ODYSSEY battery? It all starts with the main ingredient: lead. Unlike traditional car batteries that use recycled lead, ODYSSEY stuffs their power cells with only 99.99% pure virgin lead. Pure lead can be squeezed into thinner plates, which means more plates fit in the belly of your battery. And, the more plates in a battery, the more reliable and powerful it becomes. In fact, ODYSSEY batteries last up to three-times longer than old-school car batteries.

The only thing more reliable than an ODYSSEY battery is the company's reputation for excellence. EnerSys, ODYSSEY's parent company, has been building batteries for more than a hundred years. Over the last century, they've turned battery construction into a high-tech art, and they continue to innovate with each passing year.

Best of all, you always get the best possible deal on ODYSSEY batteries right here at AutoAnything. Along with free shipping, your order includes a 1-year lower price guarantee. If you see the same ODYSSEY car battery for less – up to a year after purchase – we'll refund the difference.
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