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Belltech Accessories & Parts

Belltech Sport Trucks started over 25 years ago with a simple mission – to build the “best performing” lowering suspensions for the Chevy pickup. Based in the hotspot for lowered vehicles, Fresno, CA, Belltech recognized that trucks were being lowered but their suspensions were less than roadworthy. So, Belltech set out to build a suspension system that was up to their standards. The result was the revolutionary Belltech drop spindle which lowered the truck but kept the front end specs the same.

After mastering the drop spindle, Belltech realized that the rest of the truck suspension needed to be improved. Shackles, hanger kits, lowered coil springs and flip kits soon emerged from Belltech. Keeping with the spirit of the “best performing” suspension, the Belltech staff crafted these parts using top of the line materials and innovative designs. This made Belltech the most successful truck suspension brand in the industry.

When you are in the market for a competitive brand in lowering suspensions, Belltech is the way to go. And, you can even get the best deal on a huge lineup of Belltech products right here at AutoAnything. We not only have the lowest prices on all things Belltech, we ship all of your Belltech orders right to your doorstep for free.
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