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Pertronix Accessories & Parts

Pertronix earned their automotive chops back in the 1960s manufacturing lighting equipment for the biggest, baddest machines on the road—big rig trucks. The engineers at Pertronix knew that commanding the respect of this demanding class of customer meant building better and stronger than anybody else. So, Pertronix established a simple formula: the toughest materials, expert craftsmanship and a passion for automotive innovation. Over 50 years later, the Pertronix vision lives on under the hoods of countless cars, trucks, SUVs and industrial-grade machines.

While Pertronix still builds that legendary big-rig toughness into everything they manufacture, they also recognize that staying ahead of the technological curve is crucial. That insight led the Pertronix team to design one of the first electronic ignition replacements for points and condenser distributors. Ever since, Pertronix has led the high-tech performance revolution powering today’s vehicles. This blend of professional-grade engineering and state-of-the-art technology has rocketed Pertronix to the top of the automotive world.

AutoAnything is proud to carry a high-powered lineup of Pertronix accessories at rock-bottom prices. We guarantee all Pertronix products with our 1-year lower price guarantee—find it for less within a year, and we refund the difference. And, we ship all Pertronix gear fast and free to your front door. So, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the high-quality Pertronix performance parts you crave for the best deal around.
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