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Mandrus Accessories & Parts

There’s Mercedes engineering, and then there’s everything else. It’s simply a step ahead in just about every area and, as every Benz driver knows, Mercedes has been known to ruin anything less. Mandrus wheels, however, are something special. Since they’re made only for this line of cars, vans and SUVs, the designers have had the luxury to focus their engineering and manufacturing processes to ensure that these aftermarket and replacement rims are a clear upgrade – in style as well as quality.

Mandrus assures strict attention to Mercedes product specifications, such as offsets -the spec that determines how the tire and wheel fit in the wheel well in respect to suspension- and brake and body components. Mandrus wheels offer a perfect blend of form and function and have been durably constructed to last for miles on end. These babies feature mono-block light alloys, rotary-forged wheels and multi-piece rims combining cast spokes and hubs with forged outer barrels.

There’s nothing that comes close to a Mercedes. And there’s nothing even close to a Mercedes upgraded with a set of Mandrus wheels.
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