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GEM Tubes Accessories & Parts

GEM Tubes is a brand of Maxway International Co. Ltd. They have been supplying Tubular Step-Assists to the OEM truck makers Toyota, Chrysler and GM for over 10 years. It is this experience and level of quality that they are now bringing to the aftermarket under our their own brand, GEM Tube Products. Starting in April 2017, with the release of their unique and one of kind in the marketplace, line of Octagon profile tubes that moderized the same boring old round and oval tubes that have been offered for decades. The OCTA tubes are manufactured to the same OEM quality levels as the products made for Toyota and Chrysler. OCTA tubes are set apart in the industry by the modern styling incorporating the design elements of the octagon. Their Lucky 7 geometric exhaust tips make a great complement to their OCTA tubes, or as a stand-alone bolt-on personalization to today’s modern vehicles. With all 304 Stainless Steel construction, and a simple bolt on design, they are an exciting new look in the accessory market. It is their mission to bring OEM quality design and construction to you, at competitive aftermarket prices. Their style promises to be leading with an aggressive yet refined finish. This is their mission and passion.
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