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Alpha Owls Accessories & Parts

See the night. Alpha Owls LED technology helps create lighting that’s powerful and iconic, not only in the dark of night, but also in broad daylight. The stylish design is aesthetically pleasing while improving visibility.

Created by their top engineers and design team, each headlight is designed to perfection, illuminating the darkest of the night. Parting ways from the original manufacturer designs and low output halogen system, our LED projectors will give you the best light output with a more aggressive appearance.

The LED main headlights feature Alpha's Tri-Pro or Quad-Pro projector beams depending on housing size and vehicle application along with their signature LumenX light bar configuration. The high lumen output of the headlights ensures optimum illumination of the road with a defined brighness at the main focal point of the road. For the ultimate in high beam projection, Alpha's dynamic high beam will provide better illumination of your surroundings.

Full LED headlights produce light at 5,500 Kelvin, this color temperature is very similar to the color of daylight. This color aids in the ability to distinguish greater contrast on the road for safer night time driving. Not only is this more natural color temperature easier on the eyes, it also makes those dark stretches of road seem a little less daunting.
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