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Boomerang Rubber Accessories & Parts

Thanks to their commitment to quality, consumers know that anything they find bearing the Boomerang name is a high-quality rubber component. Everything Boomerang Rubber manufactures is made right here in the USA, and built from the highest quality recycled rubber. The material Boomerang uses to manufacture their rubber products is derived from the North American tire plants. The “off-spec” uncured raw material that was intended to be used to manufacture tires is purchased and reprocessed through their operations in Ohio. The formula consists of primarily tire-cord friction along with rubber tire compounds. The tire cord friction is uncured rubber material intertwined with fabric cord. This is what provides their products with the durability and strength that cannot be matched by any other rubber product on the market today. Boomerang is the sole manufacturer and supplier of truck bed mats to the big 3 (Ford, Chrysler & GM). Their material formulation has been through stringent testing by the OEM’s and approved for use and spec’d in many of today’s vehicles. Boomerang's experience supplying the major truck manufacturers with OEM mats gives them the know-how and understanding to build the most durable rubber bed mats on market.
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