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Gibson Accessories & Parts

Saab may be born from jets, but Gibson exhausts are born from motor homes. Ron and Julia Gibson had an underpowered RV, so they took action. Since they needed both more power and more torque, they knew they had to upgrade their restrictive stock exhaust. Unfortunately, there were no reputable companies around that could deliver a quality exhaust, so Ron Gibson had only one choice: start his own company.

Backed by a crack-team of technicians and engineers, Gibson started crafting custom exhausts that far exceeded the systems available at the time. Gibson operated under a basic principle: build economical exhausts that deliver more bang for the buck than any other system. As a result of their exacting standards, Gibson exhausts not only unleashed extra horsepower, but they also improved fuel economy, expanded the power band, and decreased engine temperatures.

Today, Gibson is widely recognized and respected as one of the leading builders of high-performance, cost-effective exhaust systems. Plus, Gibson is always investigating new ways to improve their systems. Gibson's extensive research and development team uses state-of-the-art tools and an advanced dynamometer to keep their products miles ahead of the competition. As they continue to grow, Gibson continues to stay true to their core values: superior quality, maximum performance, minimal price. AutoAnything is proud to offer Gibson exhausts, and our prices can't be beat.
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