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Bully Dog Accessories & Parts

Although Bully Dog didn't officially open its doors until 1999, its passion for tweaking and tuning rigs stretches way back. The dedicated staffers who founded Bully Dog were no strangers to an engine compartment. They all had a long history of safely boosting horsepower and torque for peak performance and optimal efficiency. While Bully Dog engineers could not come into everyone's garage to fine-tune their motors, they devised the next best way to do it: performance control modules.

Like having your own mechanic living under your hood, Bully Dog control modules sync into your onboard computer system. Once in, the advanced programming that Bully Dog's computer gurus devised goes to work unleashing your rig's true power potential. Stronger towing, faster hill climbing, improved fuel economy-Bully Dog's products supercharge your vehicle. And, you can have on-the-fly control over your Bully Dog control module with an in-cab monitor.

Just as Bully Dog has made a name for itself in the world of performance accessories, AutoAnything is renowned for its amazing deals and massive selection. Plus, we've made selecting the right Bully Dog accessories a snap. You can peruse our in-depth research guides for helpful hints on picking the perfect Bully Dog parts, or give us a call and speak with one of our knowledgeable associates. And, nearly all of our accessories, including Bull Dog gear, ships right to your front door for free.
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