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Flowmaster Accessories & Parts

Flowmaster has been around for nearly 40 years and has led the industry in both research and manufacturing of exhaust systems from the beginning. Initially designed to help reduce noise complaints at California raceways in the early 1980s, Ray Flugger invented his renowned “Suitcase”- style racing flowmaster muffler. The “suitcase” design utilized trick engineering principles that addressed the noise issues without hampering the California Sprint Car’s engine performance. Flowmaster Exhaust Systems have evolved and improved over the years, utilizing patented designs like delta flow and chambered muffler designs.

The results of their dedication to research and development can be seen with their ongoing commercial success. Flowmaster’s singular goal “to maximize your vehicle’s total performance” bridges the gap between quality, aesthetics and performance. Flowmaster products range from full exhaust systems to mufflers like the Super 44 and stylish chrome rolled exhaust tip. Every flowmaster exhaust system is constructed with 16-gauge aluminized or stainless steel that is fully MIG welded to ensure maximum durability and longevity.

A Flowmaster exhaust sounds as good as it looks. The famous “Flowmaster Sound” can be heard among car enthusiast groups anywhere you go, from racers to lowriders. The series numbers on flowmaster mufflers indicate the different tones of this sound. For example, the famous two chamber Flowmaster 40 gives off a deep, aggressive tone while the Flowmaster 70 sound is more subtle. The full range of flowmaster exhaust mufflers have the unique sound that all sound powerful and rich. The best part about flowmaster exhausts is that they produce very little internal resonance, reducing in-cabin sound that will drown out your stereo.

If appearance is important to you, flowmaster exhausts come in both black and stainless finish to match the attitude of your build. Because of the compact size, flowmaster exhausts can be adapted for many different street and race applications. These mufflers can be tucked up tight to the underbody of the vehicle, maximizing ground clearance and improving packaging for overall ease of installation.

With their roots in California Sprint Car Racing, Flowmaster’s primary focus has always been on performance. The unique, two chamber delta flow design is race proven to maximize power and torque over alternative exhaust systems. Flowmaster does not use internal packing that impedes flow and can blowout over time.

If you’re like me, you like to make your performance budget stretch as far as it will go. One of the best parts about the flowmaster exhaust system is price. Flowmaster performance exhausts are extremely price competitive. Not only will you get a great sounding exhaust, but you will definitely notice the performance gains.
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