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Sherwood Innovations Accessories & Parts

Is it just a coincidence that Sherwood Innovations Dash shares its name with Sherwood Forest, the famed hideout of Robin Hood? Consider this: Sherwood Innovations Dash robbed the luxury of genuine wood dash trim from the rich and gave it to the everyman who wants the feel of a Benz without the huge monthly payment. Oh, and Sherwood Innovations Dash also borrows its fair share of manufacturing materials from forests just like Sherwood. Whatever the connection, Sherwood Innovations Dash's premium dash trim is rapidly becoming more popular than that old haunted forest.

Of course, Sherwood Innovations Dash was not an overnight success. They paid their dues, but the experience they gained raising themselves up by their bootstraps has proven a valuable asset. Sherwood Innovations Dash treats each dash trim kit they make like it was being ordered by the Pope himself. The attention to detail in Sherwood Innovations Dash's factory is legendary, and no piece makes it out the door until it has received the seal of approval.

Just how well will your Sherwood Innovations Dash kit fit? Let's put it this way: car manufacturers trust Sherwood Innovations Dash to craft the stock dash kits for their high-end models. That same level of precision and care goes into every kit that Sherwood Innovations Dash makes. Best of all, you can pick up your Sherwood Innovations Dash accessories at bargain basement prices right here at AutoAnything.
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