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Hawk Accessories & Parts

In 1990, the Wellman Products Group introduced Hawk Performance to produce high-performance disc brake pads for the motorsport market. Wellman had already been established for over 100 years as the world's leader in severe-duty friction products. And, it only makes sense that a century of brake making experience could produce the finest racing brake pads available.

Hawk Performance quickly soared to the top of the ranks among brake pad manufacturers. As more and more racers discovered Hawk pads, a loyal following quickly formed. Now, Hawk is the recognized leader for brake pads on the track and on the street.

Hawk's cutting-edge brake technology is also proven everyday in heavy-duty commercial situations. Military, aerospace, commercial fleets, and of course, motorsport activities put Hawk pads to the test everyday. If Hawk can slow these big dogs down, imagine what they can do for your ride.

Hawk Performance maintains an extensive research and development program, so they're constantly pushing the envelope of pad construction and technology. All this testing means that Hawk brings you the highest performing disc brake pads available. And, to get your Hawk Performance pads delivered right to your door, AutoAnything pulls out all the stops.
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