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PaceSetter Exhaust Accessories & Parts

No matter what the field, there's always one company that sets the pace for all the rest to keep up with. When it comes to performance exhaust accessories, Pacesetter Exhaust is the leader of the pack. Unlike a lot of these wannabe tube-twisters who simply crush-bend a section of pipe, slap a muffler on, and call it a performance system, Pacesetter Exhaust builds their products to precise standards. Choice materials, careful engineering, cutting-edge technology-it's how Pacesetter Exhaust outpaces the competition.

Stock exhaust systems are incredibly restrictive, but Pacesetter solves this age-old problem through the manufacturing process. Every curve, arc and bow that Pacesetter makes is done with a high-tech mandrel bender. That way, the internal diameter of the tubing remains consistent throughout your Pacesetter Exhaust, and your engine can expel waste fumes without backpressure.

For more than thirty years, Pacesetter Exhausts have been unleashing huge horsepower and torque gains, but that's not all. Because a Pacesetter Exhaust improves your motor's overall efficiency, your fuel economy can improve. Of course, if you start leaning on your gas pedal to hear the wild roar of your Pacesetter Exhaust, those fuel savings might not be noticeable.

Get your hands on a fire-breathing Pacesetter Exhaust for dirt-cheap at AutoAnything. We back your Pacesetter Exhaust with a 1-year low price guarantee, so our deals can't be beat.
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