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Air Lift Accessories & Parts

NASCAR may have been founded in February 21,1948, but it wasn't truly racing until Air Lift came along two years later. In 1950, Air Lift patented their first air suspension product: a rubber air spring that fitted inside a coil spring. It seems simple enough, but Air Lift's ingenious product created track-grabbing traction that champion racers needed to nab the checkered flag. For the next twenty years, Air Lifts were installed on nearly all the top cars, but this technology would not be confined to the speedway for long.

Turning their attention away from the track, Air Lift designed their first sleeve-type air spring for pickup trucks in the 1960s. When the 1980s rolled around, Air Lift had come up with air helper springs for heavier vehicles, such as ambulances and RVs. In the 1990s, they began working with street rods and lowered cruisers. These days, Air Lift continues to make headways and break new ground in air spring technology.

Not only does the industry recognize Air Lift's engineering excellence, but so do their customers, whose opinions matter most. And, Air Lift makes their air suspension accessories to fit a huge number of vehicles. From sedans to heavy-duty pickups, Air Lift accessories add stability, reduce body roll, and make towing and hauling safer.
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