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Better Life Technology Accessories & Parts

During an especially slushy Kansas City winter, Brett Sneed walked in from his garage and tracked snow and muck all over his wife's carpeting. "There has to be a better way," said Brett to himself, and he set out on a quest to find the ultimate garage flooring. Six months later, Brett and his father, Don, put their minds together, invented the G-Floor Garage Floor Protector, and founded Better Life Technology. Today, Better Life Technology is the premier builder of quality garage floor coverings.

Better Life Technology revolutionized how people cover the floor in their garages. In the dark days before Better Life Technology, people resorted to throwing down an old piece of carpet, which would quickly soak up oil, muck and other garage crud. Better Life Technology's G-Floor Protector, however, is completely impervious to common garage chemicals, such as gasoline, oil, antifreeze and battery acid. And, Better Life Technology developed a unique series of ribs that channel spills away from your feet and doorway. Even better, Better Life Technology made their ingenious covering simple to clean up.

Most garage floors are about as exciting as a single scoop of ice milk, so Better Life Technology jazzes up your car hold with sharp colors. From brick red to slate grey, Better Life Technology's G-Floor Protectors come in six eye-pleasing tones. What's more, your Better Life Technology accessories also come with AutoAnything's 1-year low price guarantee, so you always get the best deals at our site.
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