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Hypertech Accessories & Parts

The hands-down leader in technology for high-performance engine tuning is Hypertech. Modern, computer-controlled vehicles are more complex than ever. The old days of simple, heavy-metal bolt-on power no longer does the trick. As vehicles get more and more advanced, today's tuners and hot rodders are seeking new ways to extract more power, and Hypertech sets the pace.

Hypertech follows the rapid advancements in technologies that drastically change the way internal combustion engines operate. The modern engine is controlled by highly technical computer systems, and Hypertech knows computers. Rather than produce performance parts for your engine, Hypertech gives you the power to tweak and tune your vehicle's existing system to give you the most power possible.

And, it's not just power that Hypertech is tuning. Modern ECU's that control basic engine functions also monitor and govern the transmission, brakes, instrument panel, emission controls and heating/air conditioning. Hypertech allows you to tune these functions and gain optimum performance from every facet of your vehicle's operation.

Even if you've installed a dream list of hot rod components, you won't realize maximum gains until you tune it up with Hypertech. Hypertech puts all your ducks in a row by fine tuning the complex programs that control your engine's vital functions. When you're serious about performance, Hypertech is your technology leader. And, for a great selection of Hypertech products, AutoAnything is your performance source.
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