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Wet Okole Accessories & Parts

Outdoor lovers around the world rejoiced when Wet Okole launched their legendary line of seat covers. Inspired by the island lifestyle, Wet Okole seat covers protect your vehicle's seats from your wet and wild outdoor adventures. Hawaiian for "wet bottom", Wet Okole created these seat covers for wet trips home from the beach.

Wet Okole seat covers are well suited for every active lifestyle. Surfers, hunters, and pet lovers everywhere love the stylish protection offered by Wet Okole. Great looks and over-the-top protection define Wet Okole, what more could you want in a seat cover?

The secret behind Wet Okole is high-quality neoprene. This same wonder material that's used for wetsuits is what Wet Okole employs to make some of the highest-quality seat cover in the industry. The neoprene used by Wet Okole is bonded on both sides with nylon to ensure easy installation, proper fit and maximum protection.

Wet Okole custom seat covers are designed to fit most cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. The neoprene essentially waterproofs your vehicle's seats, and Wet Okole designs them to fit like a glove. So when you're ready to add a little island style to your ride, check your virtual island outfitter, AutoAnything.
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