Bumper Guards & Rear Bumper Guards: Complete Your Look


So, you’ve recently upgraded your vehicle’s appearance with a brand-new grille. If it’s got LED lights built into it, then you’ve also gained a slight advantage over drivers who rely solely on their headers. Maybe you’ve graduated to a higher level of front-end renovation by adding a beefy front bumper from ICI, Steelcraft or Ranch Hand.

It makes sense that you would concentrate so much on the vanguard of your rig, since that’s the side that meets the road and its many challenges first. But daily drivers and weekend warriors both know that just as many dangers approach from the rear. Take care of your six by outfitting it with a high-quality, high-strength rear bumper guard from our selection. Read on to learn more about these products, as well as their beefier cousin, the trail-ready rear bumper.

Rear bumper GUARD characteristics

Strong enough to withstand full-on fender-benders and love-taps from runaway shopping carts, tailgate and rear bumper guards are designed specifically to contour to the shape of your vehicle’s back-end. Their profile is low enough that they won’t affect parking distance. Guards like the Broadfeet Rear Bumper Guard are manufactured from durable but lightweight stainless-steel tubing, with varying diameters of 2.5” to 3”, depending on your make and model. The Steelcraft Rear Tubular Bumper Guard is a little smaller, with a 1.5”D tubing, but it has the option of a black powder-coated finish — as opposed to Steelcraft’s polished finish — for added style.

Not as well-suited to pickups as you might like, these accessories are designed for hatchbacks, SUVs, CUVs, Jeeps and other sedans. Typically, they bolt right on with no drilling or modifications required and include the vehicle-specific brackets and hardware you need.


As far as rear-end exterior protection goes, though, there’s no beating a heavy-duty bumper guard. This selection is much wider than our assortment of rear bumper guards, and meant exclusively for trucks and Jeeps — those vehicles more likely to spend time off-road. Top brands include Addictive Desert Designs, Fab Fours and Iron Cross. Wrought from heavy-duty steel, many of these bumpers boast advantageous features like D-rings to help with towing, and even LED cubes for optimal rock-crawling performance and rescue capability.

Now that you know a little bit more about these add-ons that complete your ride’s look and function, check out what we have to offer and save on every purchase with our 1-Year, Lower Price Guarantee.