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Bumper Covers

As a vehicle owner, you want your ride to last as long as possible and ensure its safety features are doing their job right. Bumper covers are an ideal way to provide added protection while giving your ride a like-new aesthetic.

Should You Add a Bumper Cover?

If you drive an older model, your ride likely doesn’t have a bumper cover. Nowadays, most new vehicles already come with one. Since these covers provide another layer of protection in case of a collision, it may be worth installing one. They help protect vital engine components and minimize the chances of scratches and scrapes. If you have a newer vehicle, your bumper cover is a durable part that should last. Unfortunately, life happens. If your cover is cracked, has deep scratches or broken clips or tabs, the cover has lost some of its integrity. Along with minimizing the protection you are getting, it may also lead to rust forming on the bumper underneath.

How To Install a Bumper Cover

Luckily, bumper protectors are relatively easy to install without needing too much automotive knowledge. These flexible parts typically take about an hour to install. They come with many bolts and small parts, so a little help may help the process go faster. Before starting the process, ensure you check the manufacturer's instructions and verify you have all the parts needed. In general, the installation requires jacking up your vehicle, removing the old bumper and bolts, and attaching the new cover. If you purchased an unpainted one, be sure to paint it prior to installation.

Benefits of Bumper Covers

While the protection benefit is the main reason to upgrade, that isn’t the only benefit. These cost-efficient parts are available in a range of styles and colors that let you give your ride some personalization. Many come outfitted with fog or LED lights, which give you another layer of safety protection. With technology constantly evolving, there are many options on the market with new plastic materials that are more durable than ever. Once you get a new one, you get peace of mind that is one purchase you won’t need to be making again any time soon.

Urethane bumpers come ready for prep and painting. You can truly customize your ride with this lightweight bumper. If you like the look of chrome, you can opt for a stainless steel cover to match your other polished chrome accessories instead. Installation is easy. Some bumpers require some simple drilling, but they come with all the hardware and instructions needed for a smooth install. Other bumpers stick on securely over your existing bumper with 3M automotive adhesive or high-strength acrylic foam tape. Once installed, you can step back and admire your aggressive looking, race-worthy ride.

So, are bumper covers worth it? If you are looking for a simple way to upgrade style and add customization to your vehicle, then yes. If you are looking for an easy fix to cover dings and scratches in your bumper, then it is another yes. If you are proactive and simply want to protect your bumper from getting scratches and dents, then the answer is still a resounding yes. Any way you look at it, investing in a new bumper cover is a smart move.

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