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Full Front End Bras

Full Front End Car Bras Protect your vehicle from bugs, rock chips, dings, and scrapes with a full front end car bra. Full front end bras protect the whole front end of your vehicle, and include 1 piece for the front of your hood and a 2nd piece that protects the full front bumper and fascia of your vehicle, all the way to your front fenders. All models have a soft inner lining to protect your paint, as well as custom cutouts and fitment specific to your particular year, make, model, and options. Cutouts are available for front license plates, fog lights, sensors, and more to ensure the most accurate fitment. They install with no drilling or modifications required. Don't want a full front end bra? For most vehicles, you can purchase just the hood piece for more targeted protection. Still have questions? Call our friendly product experts at (800) 874-8888 and we will help pick the car bra that is right for you.

While different drivers have different priorities, performance, appearance, and durability are often the most common standards. You understand the importance of having a vehicle that performs well with long-lasting good looks. AutoAnything is your go-to for the accessories that elevate and preserve your on-road and off-road experiences. We carry a range of products such as car bras that are designed to maintain your vehicle’s appearance and finish.

What Is a Front End Car Bra?

A front-end car bra is a cover that attaches to the front of your vehicle, designed to protect it from road debris, bugs, and other elements that can mar its finish. Also known as auto bras, hood bras, hood masks etc., these bras are usually black and made from vinyl. If you imagine that the lights and grille are your car’s face, then these protective car bras resemble masks. The underside of these bras is usually made of a soft felt-like material that is gentle on your car’s finish. These bras are distinct from car covers, which cover the entire vehicle and are intended for use on parked vehicles.

Benefits of Car Bras

The main benefit of a car bra is to protect your auto’s front paint finish from rocks, bugs, and other debris as you drive. It’s a relatively inexpensive investment to preserve the look of your vehicle. These bras come in various sizes, depending on how much coverage you need. Full front end car bras offer the most coverage, protecting your hood, bumper, and front fenders while adding a layer of style to your vehicle. T-style car bras stretch over the entire hood, also protecting raised elements. Sports car bras reveal more of your vehicle’s appearance, but there are also clear bras that reveal your auto’s original look. Chipped paint leaves the body vulnerable to moisture that can cause rusting.

How to Install a Front End Car Bra

A front-end car bra is generally easy to install, requiring no tools or special equipment. These bras are customized for your particular vehicle, ensuring the proper fit. Before applying the bra, it’s important to thoroughly clean and dry your vehicle. This prevents moisture and dirt from being trapped against your car’s surface by the bra. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best fit. Allow your car to warm up before application, which makes the bra more pliable.

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Colgan Custom Original Car Bra

Lexus Baby

I've have purchased a Colgan bra before for my other car and I know the quality.but this time I got one that don't fix around my parking sensors.I've called in and take pictures for them and just waiting for an answer. View more reviews...
Posted By Michael F (Raytown, MO) / November 9, 2022
LeBra All Weather Car Bra


I like the way the bra fits my vsn eS easy to put on l think it is of good quality will know a year from now. View more reviews...
Posted By Freddie W (MARGATE, FL) / November 2, 2022
2000 Mercedes-Benz M-Class
Coverking Car Bras

Good product

This is a quality product, well built and well thought out. Installation is way more than a 20 min job. I think the hot summer sun would be a great help when stretching the unit to fit properly. Tip-- do not even attempt to install this unit in cold weather. Overall I am very happy with the cover. I makes my old Liberty look like a million bucks. View more reviews...
Posted By Bruce B (Sarver, PA) / February 5, 2021