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Would you want your face out there in the open when you’re blasting at 80mph down the road? Think of all the bugs, rocks, sand, and other debris we push our car’s “faces" through every day. Ouch. Also, depreciation is rough enough on our wallets without even factoring damage into the equation. There are a whole bunch of ways you can lessen these effects, but car bras are a solid option..Check out our Car Bra Buying Guide
Whether you’re a fan of the look or not, the big selling point here is to cover up your fragile paint to protect it against road debris, shopping carts, and other common parking lot hazards. One little scrape can cost hundreds to fix now, or can collect to chip away at your resale value once it comes time to sell your car. Good, custom fit car bras will go a long way in lessening those damages.

Car Bras In-depth

Made out of a variety of different materials, the car bras we have available do a great job of soaking up minor damage and keeping things fresh and new underneath. The front of your car is where most of this damage ends up happening anyway, so a car mask will soak up quite a bit of damage. The benefits become clear once you start looking at how much paint and body work costs VS just the cost of the car bra. They pay for themselves pretty quickly, don’t they!

Each custom fit car bra is just that, custom made for your vehicle specifically to ensure a snug fit that will hang on without flapping even at freeway speeds. Adding to that, our car bras feature a soft inner lining that will keep your paint looking fresh, and never mar the surface. Most options on the market are black, but with brands such as Speed Lingerie, you can get full coverage car bras that are color matched to your paint! That gorgeous red Corvette will stay just that, red!

Also, we have a few options for how much of your front end you need the car mask to well… mask. We have custom fit car bras that will cover the front bumper, fascia, and front of the hood, to more slim and sleek options that will just cover the front of the hood or just the bumper. We even have car bra kits that include mirror covers.

LeBra, Colgan, and Coverking are some other popular options in the category, giving you plenty of options to shop between for material types, amount of coverage, and price. If you need help finding exactly what would work best for your vehicle, please feel free to hop in a chat with us or call!
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Customer Reviews

LeBra All Weather Car Bra

2007 HHR LeBra Reno Nevada

Overall, it looks great. I had trouble installing at first because my garage was 45 degrees. Once I put the car in the sun and warmed the bra, installation became very easy. I am slightly disappointed in the small perforation (holes) in the bra. When I spoke to customer service, they said the manufacturer put this hole in the bra to locate the tabs. I fear with small hole will continue to grow and cause issues in the future. Russell View more reviews...
Posted By Russell G (Sparks, NV) / February 8, 2021
Colgan Custom Original Car Bra

Car bra review

Great style, great quality and installation was done without help. I recommend this product! View more reviews...
Posted By Jason W (LAROSE, LA) / February 7, 2021
Coverking Car Bras

Good product

This is a quality product, well built and well thought out. Installation is way more than a 20 min job. I think the hot summer sun would be a great help when stretching the unit to fit properly. Tip-- do not even attempt to install this unit in cold weather. Overall I am very happy with the cover. I makes my old Liberty look like a million bucks. View more reviews...
Posted By Bruce B (Sarver, PA) / February 5, 2021

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