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  • Renew, restore and reveal your paint's original luster with Zymol HD Cleanse
  • Removes dead & oxidized paint, minor scratches, road film, tar, etc
  • Zymol HD Cleanse contains montan oil, apricot kernel oil, lemon seed oil, coconut oil, cetyl esters, cetyl cocomide (derived from coconut oil), cocoamide, citric acid (from rose hips), kapolite
  • Includes one 8.5 oz. bottle

Set up your vehicle's exterior the right way with Zymol HD Cleanse, a must have pre-wax cleanser. This thick, rich cream is a brilliant choice for removing light oxidization, moderate scratches, accumulated road film, tar and acid rain deposits. The formula is gentle enough to warrant a scratch-free surface after use, but powerful enough to remove old wax and prepare your vehicle for fresh wax.

Road film, rainwater deposits and pollution will make your finish bumpy when it could be sleek and smooth. This cleanser will lift and remove embedded debris, cleaning deeply within each microscopic crevice.

Water spots, swirl marks and other contaminants disappear. Your vehicle will be ready to display the perfect concours-look wax finish. Renew the original paint luster of your vehicle with Zymol HD Cleanse!

  • We suggest that you do not use with any other type of chamois than a Zymol Synthetic Chamois or an English cod-tanned chamois. Other types of chamois may remove wax.
  • Do not drive the car or allow it to stand more than 24 hours without completing the Zymol process.
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