Car Covers: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing

BY Thomas S.

No one wants to be seen driving a beat-up, dented, faded car with obvious signs of water damage. So, if you want to avoid that embarrassment and keep your baby looking as good as new for as long as possible, then the easy solution is to outfit your ride with a top-of-the-line car cover.

With so many different types of covers to choose from, however, the process can be a little overwhelming. No matter your needs, we have a cover that’s right for you and ready to ship out as soon as possible. Here, we hope to make your buying experience even easier, so join us as we answer the five questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing a car cover.


Where do you park?

Do you park in a covered garage or on the street, exposed to the elements? Believe it or not, this makes a major difference in the type of cover you should purchase. If you park outdoors in a city that experiences anything from high temperatures or heavy rainfall, then a cover that resists the elements like a Covercraft Weathershield HP Custom Car Cover may be for you. Or, if you’re more concerned about your crowded, busy street, then the ding- and dent-protection provided by a Covercraft Evolution Custom Car Cover may preserve your ride’s dynamic style. If you’re more concerned about the dust accumulation that comes with parking indoors, the fully breathable Covercraft Dustop Custom Car Cover defends the finish like none other.


How often do you use your vehicle?

Is your ride a daily driver that you park under a tree, or are you parking it in the garage for the long haul? Or, is it a classic roadster that you take to car shows on Sundays? Either way, there’s a cover that’s especially designed to provide the defense you’ve been looking for. Suitable for light-weather conditions and featuring three layers of polypropylene material, the Coverking Triguard Custom Car Cover is perfect for outdoor use by entry-level customers looking to protect their investment. Utilizing a cotton-based fabric, a Covercraft Tan Flannel Custom Car Cover is paint-friendly and resists water, rotting and mildew. This makes it the perfect cover for long-term storage. Providing protection that rivals that of the famous ark, the Covercraft Noah Custom Car Cover meets all your covering needs.


What’s the weather like in your area?

Just as you dress appropriately for your native climate, you should do the same for your trusty vehicle – you don’t want a UV-resistant cover in a rainy environment or a water-resistant cover in the desert. For those rainy environments, the Coverking StormProof Custom Car Cover boasts an unconventional weave of microscopic yarns that can resist rain, snow and even ice. And, a Covercraft Sunbrella Extreme Sun Custom Car Cover is treated for moisture-resistance in humid marine areas and is woven from heavy acrylic fabric that won’t fade, even on the sunniest of days.


Which color is right for you?

Everyone has a favorite color, and whether or not your car showcases that color, you can find a cover that does among our selection. But personal preference isn’t the only thought that should go into choosing the right color for your new cover. For example, if you live in a brighter, sunnier climate, a cover that comes in a softer color like the ProZ QuickSilver Custom Car Cover is ideal. Or, if you have a lighter-colored vehicle, then a lighter color is safer for your paint job because in certain conditions, bright colors can bleed under the fabric and distort your finish. In this case, something like the Covercraft Block-It 380 Custom Car Cover works great.


Is theft-protection a concern in your area?

Is car theft a worry in your neighborhood? If so, the right car cover won’t just protect your ride from the elements, but may even deter potential thieves as well. Most of our covers are compatible with a Covercraft Lock and Cable for the added sense of security you’ve been looking for.

Now that you know a little more about the questions you need to ask, you’ll be better prepared the next time you’re looking for one. Which cover did you settle on? Let us know and leave a comment below!