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1997 Chevy Suburban
Car Covers

1997 Chevy Suburban Car Covers

A car cover can be one the best investments you can make to protect your car or truck. Along with proper maintenance, the condition your car’s paint is the most important factor determining the value of your car. An OEM respray of your paint can cost upwards of $10,000! Don’t leave your car exposed to the elements and subject to fade, clear coat cracking or staining – take a look at our custom car covers for sale. Whether it’s an exact fit or universal, we’ve got you covered.
Hate driving a dirty car? A clean car protected with a custom car cover will stay minty fresh and be ready to roll in less than a minute. Most car covers for sale are moisture resistant and are designed to fold up and stow in a convenient car cover bag. Even cars parked indoors get covered in dust and soot (if you are in a busy parking garage!) – get an indoor car cover simply for the convenience. Car dusters can scar and scratch up your paint, dragging harmful particles across your wax and clear coat. Snug, custom car covers protect against dust and don’t slide around – so remember that when considering a universal or car cover.

Car Covers In-depth:

If you live in a hot, dry climate, a great way to keep your car cool in the summer and protected against harmful UV Rays are with UV-reflective car covers like the CoverCraft Reflec’tect custom fit car covers A reflective car cover will also save your rubber seals, headlights, trim and any other perishable pieces of your car exterior by keeping the harmful sun rays off them. If you have a black leather interior, getting into a hot car can feel like a convection oven! Reflective car covers protect your interior better than sunshades or dark tint, and only take a minute to put on or take off.

Car covers are also available for all weather climates that receive rain and snow. Heavier duty car covers like the Coverking Stormproof Custom Car Covers which use microscopic yarns that fights rain, snow, ice and extreme sun. Covercraft HD uses a hydrophobic Weathershield fabric and allows water to bead or shake off easily. In the winter, a car cover can be an amazing solution to snowfall accumulation - No more digging your car out of a snow drift, simply remove your car cover and you’re good to go!

Looking for higher levels of car protection? A CarCapsule car cover does exactly what it sounds like and forms a bubble around your car by pumping filtered, recirculated air in to a sealed capsule. This keeps dust, mold and moisture off your car while also preventing any potential rubbing or contact of the car cover with your car’s paint. CarCapsule offers covers in indoor and outdoor variants at an affordable price.

Wherever you store your car, we have car covers for sale. Protect your investment and have peace of mind with a custom or universal fit car cover.
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Customer Reviews

Covercraft Weathershield HP Custom Outdoor Car Cover

Weathershield HP for Corvette Grand Sport

I tried cheaper alternatives and there is no comparison. It's been through several rain storms outside, and I am absolutely pleased with the choice. The weathershield HP is a great cover. View more reviews...
Posted By Kenneth C (COLLEGE STATION, TX) / April 20, 2020
2013 Chevy Corvette
Carhartt Outdoor Work Truck Cover

Solid fit

Fits perfect, nothing more to say. Can't say much how it is holding up in the long run and if it is not scratching the truck, but the fit is great. View more reviews...
Posted By Jochen S (PAIA, HI) / February 19, 2020
2018 Chevy Colorado
Coverking Triguard Custom Outdoor Car Cover

Custom cover

Great fit for a reasonable price. View more reviews...
Posted By Sherry K (SHERMAN OAKS, CA) / February 24, 2021

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