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Car Horns

We don’t always want to have to use our horns, but sometimes you just need to let it rip. It can mean the difference between you getting into an accident and avoiding one, or let an inconsiderate driver know what you think of them. The horn on your car or vehicle has been designed as a form of alert for other drivers and in some circumstances to jolt unaware pedestrians out of their reverie, thereby saving their lives. The question might not be whether you need a car horn, but rather which of the many automotive horns would suit your needs.
But why? Do people really swap out their car horns? It could be that your stock horn stopped working. It’s also possible that you simply want an aftermarket car horns that’s a little louder. Perhaps you are after a more personalized option in the form of anyone of our custom car horns. Whatever your reason for wanting a new automotive horn, you have come to the right place. Whether they are regular automotive horns or a high decibel train horns, you can find them here. We carry many aftermarket car horns including air, electric, novelty and musical horns, as well as air compressors and tanks, horn accessories, and back up alarms.

The options that you have access to are very varied. The Kleinn Pro Blaster Train Air Horn Kits, for example, gives you sound that will give those in its wake goosebumps. This kit is considered an intense upgrade for your SUV, tour van or pickup. The stats include a 150db sound level the tone of a classic locomotive, and it comes with a low-draw air compressor and high-PSI air-tank. A similar one to the Kleinn is the Wolo Cannon ball Express Train Horn which differs in decibel range, sounding off at an eardrum shattering 152 dB-150HZ. The purchase of this car horn kit includes an onboard air system that features a 3-gallon storage tank minimum. As for novelty horns, you can also find a Dukes of Hazzard Wolo horn that literally plays Dixieland’s “Dukes of Hazzard” at 120dB-530/680 Hz.

Installing aftermarket car horns may be a little intimidating, however, you get a full set of instructions and you can also access the online versions as well to be guided. Aside from horns, you can find any replacement parts that you may need which include air compressors, horn buttons, air valve upgrade kits, air pressure regulator kits, and more. The choices in automotive horns is nearly limitless, so you need to have some idea what sound and function you want. Then it is easier to narrow down your options.

On a different note, what is a backup alarm you may ask? A backup alarm alerts those crossing behind you that you are reversing and it can save you a lot of time, headache and money in the long run. The backup alarm from Wolo sounds loud and clear and is also easy to install on your car, van, pickup or SUV. You are not alone in during your buying process and we are happy to help to guide you along the way to choosing the best part for you and for your vehicle.
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