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Novelty & Musical Horns

Speaking of being able to change it, not only can you go back to your car's original horn, you can also opt for an aftermarket horn that has multiple sounds. The Wolo Juke Box Horn enables you to switch between 34 different songs and even program a song in if you desire. Pick your pleasure - from Jingle Bells to Happy Birthday, Rocky to The Stars and Stripes, the Wolo juke box horn has holidays, birthdays and any type of mood covered because hey, everyone needs a little time to dance to the Macarena. Let’s say you have a big rig or truck that did not come with a big horn, Wolo has you covered there also with the Wolo Long Horns. Everyone will hear you coming with these. Another horn with a lot of personality is the Wolo Beep Beep horn, it’s got that old classic sound that will warn others you are on your way. Whether you want different songs, a freight train horn or a different tone, you’ll find great options with Wolo.

It’s important to remember that whatever novelty horn you choose, you’ll need to check out your local laws to make sure you can use these horns in your area. Also, keep in mind that some novelty horns are not a replacement for your OE part and should only be used for show or when you are off-road. Every horn you can choose from in the AutoAnything catalog is easy to install and use. Once you install it, get out on the road and test it out! You’ll be sure to have fun and put a smile on people’s faces with a beep, beep and an ahooga!
Customizable car horns, you’ve heard them and you either love them or hate them. Like them or not, changing your horn to an aftermarket horn is one of the easiest things you can do to change your car yourself. So if the traditional beep of your car or truck just isn’t cutting it for you, and you want to add a little zing to your car horn’s sound, look into novelty horns and aftermarket truck horns from AutoAnything. It is a sure way to add a little zing to your ride.

What Are Musical Horns Used For?

Aftermarket truck horns are mainly just for people who want to add personality to their vehicle or maybe help you find your quantum tunnel during the battle for the universe a-la-Infinity war. It’s a novelty and sometimes style and character is exactly what your vehicle needs. It doesn’t increase the performance of your vehicle, but it does help to get your car or truck noticed. If you’re looking to change up your vehicle to make it more unique and memorable, a novelty horn might be exactly what you are looking for. It will definitely catch the eye…..or ear of people around you and one definite advantage is, it’s not permanent. You can change it if you get tired of it.

Types of Novelty & Musical Horns

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Customer Reviews

Wolo Dukes of Hazzard Air Horn

Fun Toy

Easy enough to install. Makes driving by groups of people fun. Or blasting that one neighbor that complains our mustang is too loud. View more reviews...
Posted By Byron R (Laneville, TX) / January 27, 2018
Wolo Beep Beep Horn

Beep Beep horn

I decided my Jeep,Wrangler was missing something. The Wolo Beep Beep horn fit the bill. Now it sounds like a Jeep should. View more reviews...
Posted By Joseph G (Standish, MI) / November 8, 2017
2013 Jeep Wrangler