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Acura RSX Parts & Acura RSX Accessories

The Acura RSX filled the shoes of the deceased Integra back in 2001, and the RSX has been a staple in the stables of auto enthusiasts ever since. The clean lines, aggressive grille, and white-knuckle power of the Acura RSX makes this sport tuner one of the most popular rides among those who take driving seriously. And a few automotive accessory upgrades on your Acura RSX will result in an even more exciting motoring experience. From air intakes and brake pads to floor mats and radar detectors, AutoAnything has tons of Acura RSX accessories at impressively low prices.

AutoAnything would like to take a few stabs in the dark and guess at the meaning of "RSX" in the Acura RSX badge. At first glance, it appears to stand for "Really So eXciting." However, the fact that we have to elide the "e" in "exciting" leads up to suspect that the real meaning of Acura RSX is something else. Perchance, it might also mean "Red Styrofoam Xylophone." It's a slight stretch to make that connect to a powerful sports car, but the two are both memorable-do you think you could walk past a xylophone made out of red Styrofoam and not pause to look at it in amazement for a few minutes? Didn't think so.

No matter what you think the "RSX" is short for, we can all agree that your Acura RSX is going to need to be serviced from time to time with fresh auto parts.

Acura RSX Parts

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