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Cadillac Brougham Parts & Cadillac Brougham Accessories

We always thought that this king of the streets was pronounced "bro-ham," like when you hear dudes say things like, "Bro, ham is the shiz." But, apparently, it's not pronounced that way. Instead, your Cadillac Brougham sounds like "brohm." No matter how you say it, the Cadillac Brougham is the international word for "luxury." As posh and nearly as large as a penthouse suite at the Ritz Carlton, the Cadillac Brougham signifies the pinnacle of American automotive design in the late `80s, which is why they were such popular vehicles for converting into limousines.

Now, the only thing more opulent than a Cadillac Brougham is one with the legendary d'Elegance package, which came with tufted-button seating and reading lights for the rear seats. If yours did not come with this fabled package, you can still upgrade with some of the luxurious Cadillac Brougham accessories found only here at AutoAnything. Just as a fine tailor takes precise measurements to fit you with a suit that matches your body, most of the Brougham accessories at AutoAnything are tailored to fit your car. From our perfectly fitting car covers to our sumptuous floor mats, our Brougham accessories live up to the stateliness and dignity of your automobile.

Although it pains us to bring it up, we would be doing you a disservice ignoring this universal truth: All car parts are destined to fail.

Cadillac Brougham Parts

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