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Chevy Prizm Parts & Chevy Prizm Accessories

Not to be mistaken with the comic book villain named Prism, the Chevy Prizm is a hero of the highways. With its impressive fuel economy and uncanny ability to fit into even the tightest parking spaces, the Chevy Prizm was a hugely popular car for more than a decade. These days, you can't buy a new Chevy Prizm, but you can upgrade your existing Prizm with some great auto accessories from AutoAnything. From reusable K&N air filters to custom-cut floor mats, you will find the best Chevy Prizm accessories at the best prices right here at AutoAnything.

Not too many know this factoid, but GM was originally tossing around the idea of naming your Chevy Prizm the "Chevy Uniform Polyhedron." Crazy, you say? Well, you have to take into consideration what was going on in the United States when this zippy compact was conceived. Two years before its release, Michael Freedman gained popularity for winning the Fields Medal for his work with the Poincase conjecture, and GM wanted to jump onto the mathematics bandwagon. However, the auto maker quickly learned that they were, in fact, the only people who actually read the story. So, they gave up on the long mathy name and switch to the simpler "Chevy Prizm."

No matter what you call your car, you're going to need to swap out some of its Chevy Prizm parts eventually.

Chevy Prizm Parts

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