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Chrysler E-Class Parts & Chrysler E-Class Accessories

When you want the champagne-like Chrysler New Yorker, but you're living on a beer budget, tap into the Chrysler E-Class. Targeted at folks who enjoy Chrysler's luxury, but don't want to shell out the big buck, the Chrysler E-Class is your mid-level luxury answer. And, to step up the luxury of your Chrysler E-Class even further, look to AutoAnything. We have all the Chrysler E-Class accessories you need and then some. Plus, all the Chrysler E-Class accessories at AutoAnything are backed by our lower-price guarantee, which means you won't find `em for less-anywhere.

What happens when you stretch a K? You get an E of course. That's precisely how the Chrysler E-Class came to be. When the top brass at Chrysler found out that consumers wanted the full blown Chrysler luxury of the New Yorker, but few could afford it, they sent their engineers on a mission. After scratching their pads and their heads for while, the engineers took the famous Chrysler K car, stretched it, added some luxury amenities and called it the Chrysler E-Class. Though the Chrysler E-Class was only a Chrysler for 2 years, it made a huge impact.

Here at AutoAnything, we're huge fans of things that stretch-stretched limousines, Stretch Armstrong, and of course, the stretched Chrysler K Car, better known as the Chrysler E-Class. That's why we stretched our warehouse to fill the extended shelves with replacement Chrysler E-Class parts, custom Chrysler E-Class accessories and even a few Chrysler E-Class performance goodies.

Chrysler E-Class Parts

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