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Datsun 810 Parts & Datsun 810 Accessories

About to embark on a road trip in your trusty Datsun 810? Sounds like fun, but it won't be if you aren't equipped with the proper Datsun 810 accessories. Just imagine how much damage that blazing desert sun is going wreak on your dashboard. Lay down a custom dashboard cover to prevent those gnarly cracks and fading. And, even better, how about a metallic car sun shade to keep the interior even safer and cooler when you're not driving. These and other protective Datsun 810 accessories are sure to make your trip more memorable—for the right reasons.

Bump, kerplunk, scratch, squeal, crash—these noises sound familiar? They should! They're the noises your car makes when your son backs into every trash can and mailbox on your street. He has his learner's permit, but you can't blame his lack of skills on his inexperience alone…it appears that faulty rear view mirror has a lot to do with his ability to avoid oncoming trashcans and rowdy mailboxes.

How can you expect him to learn any backing up skills with a mirror that is half -way off the windshield? May we suggest you invest in Datsun 810 accessories from AutoAnything, like a new hi-tech rear view mirror from the best name in the industry: Gentex? Equip that Datsun with auto-dimming technology, a built in compass, a temperature read out and lights. Then, if your son keeps ramming into those objects…you'll know he just needs more practice and a patient instructor. And, maybe some glasses?!

Datsun 810 Parts

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