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Ford Fairlane Parts & Ford Fairlane Accessories

Much, much better as a car than as a movie, the Ford Fairlane will never be forgotten. Whether you're rolling with Ms. Presley riding shotgun, or sitting second-fiddle to Wayne Newton, the Ford Fairlane gets you there in style. And when you really want to up the style, look to AutoAnything for your Ford Fairlane accessories. AutoAnything has all your Ford Fairlane accessories right here, ready to ship. Plus, we give you the lowest price on all Ford Fairlane accessories-guaranteed!

Ford Fairlane is the famous Rock & Roll private detective working his beat in the LA music scene. Crude, cool and comfortable no matter where he's working, Ford Fairlane is as seamy as the music scene he investigates on a daily basis. Trouble arises when Ford Fairlane has his hands full with a murder investigation and caring for a missing man's kid, when the biggest case of his career falls in his lap. Charged with locating an elusive teen groupie named Zuzu Petals, who ironically may have information on his current investigation, Ford Fairlane parts ways with the kid and sets out to set the record straight.

Some of us here at AutoAnything are cinema-snobs, and some of us love movies like Ford Fairlane.

Ford Fairlane Parts

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