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Honda Del Sol Parts & Honda Del Sol Accessories

2 seats + 1 targa top = the Honda Del Sol. While the zippy Honda Del Sol was only available for 6 years, it has left a lasting mark in the big book of automotive history. As its name implies, the Honda Del Sol is born of the sun, and you feel the fire every time you lay into the throttle. For an even peppier drive, you can upgrade your Honda Del Sol with performance accessories from AutoAnything, including K&N air filters. Plus, AutoAnything is your source for Honda Del Sol accessories that protect your paintjob and your upholstery. We have it all.

Hola, my little Honda of the sun. The Honda Del Sol is believed to have started its life in a rather Promethean way, which is how it got its fiery name. The Sun god of the time (you choose which one) was saddened to see all the humans driving around in boring, slow cars with, of all things, roofs. So Mr. Sunny decided to rectify and give his subjects something to brighten their day. After a few hit or miss attempts, he finally struck sunshine and delivered the Honda Del Sol to his humble charges. And the rest is Honda Del Sol history, or mythology if you will.

Anything that is born of a fiery star that delivers warmth, light and life to a rock ninety-three million miles away is okay with us. That's why here at AutoAnything we stock our shelves to the top of the pyramid with Honda Del Sol parts, Honda Del Sol accessories and Honda Del Sol performance gear.

Honda Del Sol Parts

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