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Isuzu Impulse Parts & Isuzu Impulse Accessories

You feel that nagging sensation? That urge that makes you leap out of bed at 5am and hit the road by 6? We know what it is.have you figured it out yet? It's the impulse. The impulse you get to drive your Isuzu. You love your car and with good reasons—it's sporty, you painted it cherry red and you totally think it's a chick magnet! Pull even more girls your way when you invest in some Isuzu Impulse accessories from AutoAnything. We've got the custom floor mats and dashboard covers to really wow the ladies.

Your Impulse may be tiny, but your son's urge to take a desert camping trip with the boys is not. He just got his license, so the car's small size is a great way to keep him from driving any of his friends—and yes, they are the epitome of distracting. Anyways, you are worried about the condition of your Isuzu Impulse upon arrival back home. No fear, outfit your highway warrior with Isuzu Impulse accessories to make it desert-ready.

You're going to need rubber floor mats to catch all the dirt, muck and other germs the desert possesses. Then, you are for sure going to need to outfit the dash with a new dash cover. Just imagine the damage the blazing hot sun can do in just 48 hours! The cracks and fading are enough to give anyone nightmares—anyone except your son, however. He is more concerned about getting the aggressive car mask. You tell him no, but then realize the benefit of blocking all that desert rubble.

Isuzu Impulse Parts

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