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Pontiac Catalina Parts & Pontiac Catalina Accessories

Your next-door neighbors hate you. No—not because of the wild parties you throw once a week. And, not because your Chihuahua barks its head off all day while you're at work—although, both of those give them ample ammo to dislike you. The real kicker is when you park your Catalina on the street, it hangs into their driveway. Not a big deal, right? But, when trash day comes around they have no spot for their trash receptacle. So, your Catalina is always getting minor scuffs and scrapes on trash days. You've never seen Mr. or Mrs. Next Door hit your Pontiac, but just incase, invest in some protective Pontiac Catalina accessories like a car cover.

A Pontiac Catalina looks like the type of car you'd want to cruise down the boulevard in. Are we right? Or are we right? Yeah, we thought we were right. The weekend rolls around, and after 5 days of the daily grind you're ready to get out and enjoy the world. Sure, driving around in your stock Catalina is a nice change from sitting in a cubical 45 hours a week, but it could be so much better once you add Pontiac Catalina accessories.

Just imagine how much more fun you could have on the weekend without worrying about things like spilt sodas and dirty shoes. You could lay down some rubber floor mats to protect your carpet. Or, you could forget about that silly idea you had to rub sunscreen lotion all over your dash—cover it up with a plush dashboard cover. Then once your weekend jaunt has come to a close, keep that beautiful Catalina covered with a custom-made car cover.

Pontiac Catalina Parts

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