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Porsche 912 Parts & Porsche 912 Accessories

You love your Porsche 912 just as much as you did the day you drove her off the lot. That was more than 30 years ago now, so of course she has some age spots, but that just makes you love her even more. Passengers don't quite understand why the ketchup stain on the seat means so much to you, but they try not to judge. Perhaps it's time you cleaned up your interior a bit with Porsche 912 accessories. No, you don't need to rid the ketchup stains forever, but perhaps just cover them up with Porsche 912 accessories from AutoAnything.

Reason 912 that you should protect your interior with Porsche 912 accessories: the incident last week with Johnny's soda. You promised Johnny if he got an A on his science test, you would take him for a happy meal at McDonalds, and you'd let him get soda—real soda, not the pink lemonade crap you usually make him get. No more than 2 minutes after leaving the drive thru, Johnny reached for his soda in the cup holder, making the biggest rookie mistake of all. He grabbed the soda by the lid, and next thing you knew, soda was all over the seat and floor of your Porsche 912.

Breathe. Just breathe. This can be fixed. When you get home, just get the cleaner and try to get most of the dark brown soda out. It's not all going to come out, but that's OK—we have you covered.

Porsche 912 Parts

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