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Saturn L-Series Parts & Saturn L-Series Accessories

Wilmington, Delaware is known for its many banks, its Court of Chancery, and its auto manufacturing plants, including the one that used to pump out the Saturn L-Series. For 5 solid years, this plant built over 400,000 Saturn L-Series, and the final L300 pulled off the assembly line on June 17, 2004. While you can't buy a new Saturn L-Series, you can give your existing Saturn L-Series that new-car feel with the right accessories from AutoAnything. A new Saturn L-Series air filter and some custom Saturn L-Series floor mats will breathe new life into your ride.

The marketing executives over at Saturn claimed that their cars were supposed to be a different kind of car, but I just don't get it. The Saturn L-Series has 4 wheels, some seats for you and your passengers, and cigarette lighters. Seems like every other car. I was hoping that the Saturn L-Series was going to be some sort of fusion between George Jetson's space car and Fred Flintstone's rubble-mobile. You know, the ultimate Hanna-Barbera mode of transportation. But, the Saturn L-Series turned out to be neither of those two things. Instead, it's a regular-looking American automobile, save for the plastic body panels. And, just like any other American car, it's going to break down sooner or later.

Saturn L-Series Parts

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