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Volvo S40 Parts & Volvo S40 Accessories

Dead are the days when Sweden's finest automaker pumped out refrigerator-shaped vehicles. Their updated designs boast curvaceous lines and drool-inducing styling, which were first put into production in the Volvo S40. Along with its revolutionary design, the Volvo S40 also ushered in the rebirth of viral marketing with its Mystery of Dalaro campaign. What's not mysterious about the Volvo S40, though, is that you can equip it with the best accessories for less from AutoAnything. We stock our digital shelves with custom Volvo S40 floor mats, high-flow Volvo S40 air filters and much more.

Do you know that the "S" in "Volvo S40" stands for? For a long time, we though it simply stood for "Swedish" because of the car's heritage. However, we were mistaken (and we mistakenly misinformed many people at various cocktail parties because that's the kind of banal small talk that we engage in after slurping back a few martinis), The "S" is actually short for "Saloon." Now, that's not the kind of saloon where you can order up a Sioux City Sarsaparilla and listen to some honky-tonk on a jukebox. It's the kind of saloon that has 4 doors and wheels and gets your kids to and from their swimming lessons.

But, you'll have a lot of trouble even getting your Volvo S40 out of the driveway if your stock parts are getting a little long in the tooth.

Volvo S40 Parts

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