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Cargo Mats & Trunk Liners

If you have a hatchback, wagon or SUV, chances are you’re going to use the rear cargo area on a regular basis. We’ve got more stuff than ever, and the added practicality of a spacious hatch is a major selling point for car and SUV buyers. If you’ve got big plans for your big hatch, the best way to protect your stuff and the interior of your car is with a cargo liner or trunk mat.
Most cargo areas in vehicles have hard plastics or carpeted surfaces that can be damaged when moving items. Items can also get damaged and scuffed up without the use of cargo mats or trunk liners. This means that the brand-new Ikea coffee table you just bought could get scuffed up or damaged before you get the chance to assemble it! Protect your vehicle and whatever you keep in the back with a trunk liner or cargo mat for peace of mind.

Cargo & Trunk Liners In-depth:

Cargo mats for SUVs come in many different materials and styles, from carpeted trunk liners to 180-degree cargo capes that protect the back of the rear seats and trunk sides. Universal trunk mats are typically made from a grippy, rubberized material designed to stay in place and prevent belongings from sliding around. For a more custom fit solution, cargo liners are designed specifically for your make and model and come in vinyl, nylon, plastic and carpeted materials. These cargo liners are stylish with a color matched finish and seamlessly integrate with optional floor liners for the passenger compartment.

Keep water off your factory carpeting with a waterproof, rubber cargo mat designed with reservoirs and outer ridge traps. If you live somewhere with snow or inclement weather, moisture can get trapped in your factory carpeting, causing mold, mildew and rust. A custom fit cargo liner made from a durable plastic provides wall to wall protection and are easily removable. To clean a cargo liner, simply hose it down after use and let it dry out of direct sunlight.

Dog trunk liners are available specifically to reduce the wear and tear your pets have on the interior of your vehicle and feature waterproof, washable materials. These thick, durable trunk mats are designed to protect your cabin area from scratches, dirt and shedding hair. Cargo capes are also a great option for pets as they effectively "seal" the back area from hairs and dirt. Cargo liners that attach to the back seat headrests and suction to the side windows work great for complete protection of your cargo area.

Whichever you choose, we want you to be satisfied with your selection. That’s why our experts at AutoAnything are here to answer all your questions about cargo mats and trunk liners. Call us at 1-800-874-8888 or take advantage of our live chat option, and one of our seasoned agents will be happy to help you with your decision. When your decision has been made, you’ll reap the added rewards of our 1-Year, Lower Price Guarantee and Free Shipping.
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