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Replacement Trunk Carpet

Dress up your trunk with top–notch replacement carpet cargo liners.

Jeeps, 4x4s and fast cars can all need trunk carpet upgrades from time to time. Hunters sometimes make mistakes when hauling their catch, leading to stains and smells that ruin the cargo area. Water sports enthusiasts may discover that hauling around dripping wetsuits, soaked clothes or muddy gear in their trunk wasn’t the best idea. The good news is that we carry high-quality trunk carpet replacement liners for your vehicle. Find the right fit and give your ride that new trunk smell again.

How To Replace Your Trunk Carpet

Removing trunk carpets is generally an easy task, but it’s important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific model. You may need to remove a few bolts for seatbelts and seats if you’re working with the rear cargo area for 4x4s. Before installing the new carpeting, take the time to clean, scrub, rinse and dry the underlying body. Some owners additionally apply new paint primer to prevent rust for older vehicles. Afterward, follow the installation instructions for your car trunk carpet replacement. This usually involves positioning cargo liners, placing bolts and using retaining clips to hold the carpeting in place.

How To Protect Your Trunk Carpet

Moisture, stains and dirt can damage new trunk carpets and cargo liners. One way to protect new liners is to apply a fabric protector spray, which provides a protective layer that keeps stains on top of the fabric instead of sinking in. Note that new liners may have these products applied already, so you should follow warranty instructions to avoid problems.

It's also smart to keep wet items out of your trunk. Use waterproof gear bags to haul wet clothing instead. For hunting, make sure you have storage items for game, such as coolers or exterior cargo carriers to avoid leaks.

How To Clean Trunk Carpets

After a while, even auto trunk carpet replacement styles can get dirty. Cargo liners in Jeeps still get dirty from dust, mud and gear. When cleaning trunk liners, it’s usually best to remove the carpeting. That way, you can clean it deeply and give it plenty of time to dry thoroughly before installing again.

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